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I strongly recommend it"
Petra Vanickova, CTO, Zoodazzle
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I cannot believe we have not used anything like that before!"
Mike Banachiewicz, CEO, BVF Consulting

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... and it is easy to use our service

infographic: online recruitment tool (Java, C++, C#, C, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Ruby, SQL, etc)

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Good solution for your company

online programming test
programming problems

Online programming tests

Created by experts
Big database of challenges
Results are checked automatically

Codenger supports many technologies

C, C++, Java/Java EE, Perl, PHP, Python
New code, Bug fix, Questions, etc
Junior, Senior and Team Lead level
programming skills of candidates
programming test

What is more?

Results are always available
You can compare candidates
And see candidate's solutions and score

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