About Codenger

Codenger's mission is to make recruitment as easy and as efficient as possible

We provide innovative platform for IT professionals and recruiters to test IT skills (programming, databases, etc) of themselves/their candidates. The platform has questions and challenges at different proficiency levels and technologies. Users can generate their own test within 15 seconds based on built questionnaire system in the platform. After that the user has ability to invite candidates to solve the test (every user will have its own login information and virtual machine available during the period of the test). After the test is finished the user who generated the test can see detailed results and scores of candidates.

We have created the platform with different proficiency levels so the user could be a teacher who wants to examine his/her students at either high school or university level or recruitment manager who wants to test IT candidates in order to hire them based on their results depending on the analytical data and users input.

We would like to expand the platform to all kind of jobs including the training materials for high school and university students. Therefore we established the Codenger Club in order to focus on educational part of the company and offer multiple trainings in marketing, media, IT and related fields. It also provides ability for students to try our solution and give us feedback about the difficulties and enhancements. It allows us to keep the software updated to meet their requirements and needs related to the educational part of the software.

Codenger also provides IT/Telecom technical service consulting related to service seeking for high talent expertise in IT/Telecom industry.

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